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A girl named August Bishop who is best friends with the guy named Ethan Knight he's a popular guy he's handsome and he's pretty good magician. So that's pretty cool and August is um August is an aspiring actress Shirley wants to be famous, but she gets older so they've been best friends ever since. Ethan was seven years old and they've been inseparable and they're like everybody pretty much sees them as a couple because they act like a couple, but they're not anything official and they obviously have feelings for each other.

But they don't really know it and August begins to have these second thoughts and begins to wonder if she and Ethan could be more than friends and that happens like after a certain like. Event crazy event happens yeah that's when she starts like seeing him in a different way and she starts like realizing that she has all these feelings for him so yeah that's what the whole book. Is about but I'm gonna be honest this book wasn't the greatest and I was rather disappointed and before I explain why I just want to say that these are my opinions.

This is my take this is how I perceived it and if you have other thoughts other feelings if you saw it differently go ahead and feel free to comment and let me know what you thought about it but yeah the plot was pretty cliche it's that typical. Childhood romance they grew up together and like super close but like I said their dog, and yeah I was pretty predictable some of the events that happen are very far-fetched and what I mean by that is there's a lot of things that happened.

That when it really happened in the real world and I know that the author wanted August and Ethan to have a happy ending but the things that happen in order to have that the ending it they're just not very realistic it also like messes with the flow of the storyline. Because it's just weird to me like a lot of random things happen and a short amount of time, and another thing was that there's like no growth or character development between August and Ethan. I kind of bothered me a lot because I do really really enjoy when I get attached to the characters when I have a lot of feelings for them and know a lot of love for them that just didn't happen in this book.

I didn't really care as much for August or for Ethan there was a as I mentioned before there was a certain event that happened, that made her see him differently and there was something that happened there that was a little unique and as I'm not trying to spoil anything but yeah something happens and you really want to know about it. Yeah well at least I did I don't know if everybody's like that but yeah I was really hoping to see how it would turn out and it just like in the end I didn't get the explanation that I wanted it was just kind of like hey you know that thing you really wanted to know about you don't get to find.

Out so that was pretty funny another thing that I disliked about this book is that I was expecting it to be a lot longer and so since it was really short that's why I'm assuming that's why there was no room for any development and then another thing I was expecting it to be a lot more intimate between August and Ethan. Because I did see a couple quotes here and there like from Twitter and they seemed pretty like very romantic you know lovable and so I was expecting a lot more intimacy between the two but you don't really get much that either so I was like oh I feel like it's for a much younger crowd not really for young adults I feel like it's very even yogurt people so yeah another thing was that.

The author is British so with some of the terminology could be a little bit confusing for example use when he says bathroom he it's written out as Lu like oh oh oh and honestly I didn't know what that was when I see it but I just kind of figure it out eventually and another. Thing there got me it had me really really confused like most of the book was they kept saying College at August and II think we're going to college and college actually means high school so they're not in college they're in high school but yeah I was really confused for a long time and I didn't figure it out to like I don't when I figured out but yeah I kept thinking that they were.

In college and they weren't so yeah that's pretty much everything that bothered me about it but on the bright side it's very sweet it's very romantic and I don't so people like cliches and some people think it's really cute. And if you're into that, then yeah go ahead and read it also I would say if you read a lot I would I would say pass on this book you're not really missing out much. Snd if you don't read much this is a good start you could go ahead and read it and probably you would probably enjoy.

Also if you're interested in reading fantasy series I just did a review on a book called Kings cage which is the third book to a series called Red Queen which was super amazing so if you wanna start a new series go ahead and watch my video check it out the link is down below but yeah that's about it thanks so much for watching

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Top Review:

  • All over the place
    By Sasmokey
    I regret buying this book. It started off as a nice innocent story and then proceeded to jump all over the place, was nearly impossible to follow and was not well written. Extremely unrealistic situations. I couldn’t stand to read it anymore.
  • Just Friends
    By luluholloway
    This book is TERRIBLE.
  • Auto??
    By Alabolt
    Was not a auto book
  • Best book in a long time
    By Great app for collages
    I hate reading. Despise it. Growing up it’s always been a nuisance to me. This book changed my thoughts on reading. Beautiful book inside and out. Worth the read. I. Am. Shook.
  • I wish I could give this book zero stars
    By Michaelasiv
    I couldn't even get passed the first few pages without cringing about the grammatical errors. The book is very poorly written.
  • Beautiful
    By dazzymaiee
    I cry every time i read this book! I’m a sucker for a good romance.
  • Don’t bother buying this
    By swish0000000
    This book is so poorly written it’s astonishing. The story line has no flow and the whole thing is just some twisted day dream fantasy. I read the entire thing and it took me almost three years because it was so cringe worthy.
  • incredible
    By alazas123
    i’ve never read anything more heartwarming and just hands down phenomenal.
  • Worst book ever. Ha my god so bad.
    By Spoons 10308477382
    By far one of the worst books I have ever read. A complete waste of money. If you want an intellectual read, something that makes you question or ponder life something that does NOT feel like a 13 year old boy tried to write what he thinks love is supposed to be like then I highly recommend staying away from this book. It’s a highly improbable story line that is so fictional and absurdly cliche that you just utter to yourself “this is ridiculously stupid”. Not thought provoking at all not stirring and just a waste of my time.
  • Just friends
    By Taveway
    I have never been so in love with a book like I was back in elementary. I couldn’t stop reading it, it took me like 3 days maybe 2 and I couldn’t stop reading

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