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by Graham Hill
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Car Finance - A Simple Guide by Graham Hill
Graham Hill
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Why are so many people driving better cars than you? The answer is simple, they know how to finance a car! They’ve learned how to prepare themselves or their business for finance, resulting in the lowest possible finance rate. They know which type of finance gets them the best car their budget can afford. And finally, if things have gone wrong in the past, they haven’t ended up with a black mark on their credit file, they’ve known exactly what to do in order to preserve their credit score, allowing them to finance a better car! That pretty much describes the contents of this simple to read and understand book, written by the world’s top car finance blogger, Graham Hill. Type Car Finance Blog into Google or Yahoo and find at the top of the organic search list of well over 200 million. So what you may not find in the book there’s probably a blog entry to cover it. There are articles on all types of car finance including, HP, PCP, contract hire, personal contract hire, personal loan, bank loan, car loan, car lease, finance lease and many more. The book consists of 3 sections, the first is preparing for finance. How many times have you spent hours looking for and test driving cars only to find that you’ve been declined for credit? Following some simple instructions and taking a few minutes before you even think about the car, could save a lot of heartache and actually improve your credit score, not only ensuring that you are offered credit but also at the very best rate! Graham Hill, understood the importance of making sure you knew where you stood in terms of credit. before test driving cars, when he was an advisor to Yes Car Credit. This was the company that approved just about every applicant. In just 4 years they became the biggest seller of used cars in the UK. They were charging the highest prices and some of the highest APR’s and yet they were selling close to 50,000 cars per annum. Why? Because before you walked onto one of their car pitches you knew you were approved for finance. Even people with good credit used Yes Car Credit because they knew they wouldn’t be embarrassed when they talked about finance. Even better, not one single car that was sold had the price of the car on the windscreen, each car was sold on monthly cost and affordability. Section 2 covers some of the most popular forms of finance, describes how they work and what to look out for. You need to be very careful here. In Graham Hill’s next book he describes over 40 different ways to finance a car, some great and others disgraceful as they are out and out cons. Surprisingly there are very few Government controls over the way that car finance is sold. There are 32 million cars registered in the UK, 8 million of which will be either sold as second hand or registered from new this year. And yet there are more controls over the selling of a £4 per month pet insurance policy than the finance on a £25,000 car. Read and understand this section before deciding on the best route. Paying cash or taking out a loan from your bank are unlikely to always be the best methods of finance. Finally, part 3 is a large section about the thing that no one wants to discuss and certainly won’t dwell upon when being sold the finance. What to do when things go wrong. First of all you need to know what can go wrong and the causes. You are told what precautions to take if you know that you can’t make a payment. You also find out how a certain type of finance can help you if you have a problem with the car or with the dealer. It also shows how you can extract yourself from one type of finance by simply handing the car back to the finance company and how overcharging the early settlement of a lease agreement can allow you to extract yourself at no cost. The book is packed with important information, so don’t waste time and buy the book NOW. Even if you don’t intend changing your car for a couple of years, start to prepare immediately!

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